Below are some of the testimonials that I have been receiving from those who have received this new healing system…

“Thank you so much for the amazing session. I could sure feel the waves of energy coming thru, my head felt like an open cup with blue light energy coming thru in waves… I felt the whole time you were working on me. The session was totally awesome, and you’re amazing!! … Very much appreciated!! .. Brenda Jones 

“What I felt was the energy coming in, and I felt very at home in it. After a short while I felt that my form dissolved and I became a vibrating mass of light particles… this went on for a while… and then I felt like every particle was organized back into form again. Then it was like the energy just flowed through and kept flowing, making me feel very comfortable in my skin” … Inger Arnes 

” One thing I have noticed since your healing earlier but could be imagining it? I seem to be able to take breaths a bit more easily, so that’s great already! … The docs are testing me for various things but haven’t yet got to the liver… The other thing I wanted to tell you about that I think is due to my recalibration, is I had a HUGE emotional shift this weekend or maybe better described as an outpouring. It came as quite a surprise and some of it I wasn’t even aware I felt, and some of it I was surprised that I have been still carrying those feelings around.. since childhood, having thought that somehow I had dealt with them.  I am so grateful that you are able to offer this help” … Lesley Ward-Hinkson 

“If you’re like me the words Matrix Recalibration are very foreign or maybe even bewildering words. Having had Stage-4 breast cancer and gone through the standard western medical protocols I was eager to explore more “natural” healing processes. That’s when I came across Kira and her amazing technologies. The uniqueness of the modality created many questions all of which Kira patiently and thoroughly explained. Her healing gift began to make perfect sense to me. If there was a definite path to determine the configuration of our original healthy body system and introduce that same original configuration in to a body system that was not working at it’s optimum the body would naturally and quickly recalibrate to its original healthful state.                                                                            Having said that, the experience of having a Matrix Recalibration, in my opinion, was one of the best things I ever did for myself, my family and all those dear to me. All I had to do was relax and Kira took care of the rest remotely. Immediately a warm peace was experienced & a few days later a substantial increase in physical energy which has not subsided. And of course, the coup de grace was the cancer test results. A few weeks after the Matrix Recalibration every single oncology marker fell within the complete normal range. For me this was life-changing & I would recommend working with Kira to anyone who wishes to experience a tangible health transformation.                  If you ever have the opportunity to correspond with Kira you will find her to be a very gifted, sensible, open-hearted and a positive soul who is being guided to empower others daily”…. Kim Hunt 

“More experiences today Ki-Ra which are not typical for me.  Feeling like something in my third eye and crown are recalibrating and opening…                                  I did something today I have never done before.  I posted my experience of anchoring incoming energies and releasing yesterday on my FB page.  The experience itself was out of the ordinary for me.  But actually posting about it publically is something I would never have done before for fear of backlash or judgement from those not ready to receive the information.  I did it without fear of what others will think about me..                                                                                I feel a sense of calm, peace and excitement for what is to come.  Prior to the recalibration I had high anxiety and constant fear of what the future holds.  It is as though fear and anxiety have no place in my existence any longer.  Any thoughts that come up and typically  provoke a fear response, I can immediately release them now without them escalating to a perpetual cycle… Thank you, thank you, thank you for this gift. I am beyond grateful”.. Joyce (J.Mathers).  

Hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know how things are going since my pineal recalibration. After the recalibration was done I was getting very crazy, vivid dreams the following nights. That has now settled down a lot and whilst my dreams remain extremely vivid, they are certainly less crazy. My sleeping has also improved a lot. when I do sleep I am getting a much deeper sleep than before which is amazing as I had turned into a proper insomniac. So once again just to thank you for offering this help… Lots of love… Lesley Ann Ward-Hinkson x  

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kira.. The cravings and the eternal hunger are gone!! Yippee!! (like a child). I feel so relieved, and also feel normal in the food path for the first time in my life.. To me this is a miracle! You have to be magical!! Even the blood sugar was much lower, and I am losing weight.. This has to be the Greatest News for the World… recalibration.. Wow! ”  Aase Krogh  

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