A new way of healing has now been given to us.. I have called this matrix reimprinting.. This is how it works..

The genetic material, or DNA codes from other timelines, where our expressions are healthy, and unencumbered, is sourced.. This is done through my ability to use my 3rd eye/pineal gland for this purpose.. This is performed in a similar way to viewing the matrix code of any part of the body, or invader, and correcting or deleting it, as is necessary, using our power of intention..

The healthy genetic code is then added to your matrix, in order to correct the existing dysfunctional code. In effect, overwriting the code that is not in alignment with our state of wellbeing and harmony.. Regeneration then begins, and our matrices are rebooted and restored..

If there are multiple issues, the weakest one will tend to be corrected first, as the templates are repaired.. As always this work is performed remotely.. Please book your session below, introductory price £50..

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