Recalibrate your Karmic Body Matrix

Over past millennia, you have all suffered heinous acts against you.. These actions and their consequences, have had powerful effects upon your subconscious mind, imprinting it with trauma, and its subsequent results and manifestations within your cellular matrix.. Illness and disease has resulted from this, tearing down your glorious bodies of light, and reducing them to a denser vibration, a mere glimmer, thus keeping them perpetually operating at a low frequency.. This has made them subject to all other dense vibrations, and has opened the door to decay and death of the organism..

You are entering a new era of Light now, and it is essential that your vibratory rate be increased,


in order to keep pace with the changes happening on your planet. The effects upon your Karmic Body, of these disharmonious experiences, need to be negated, and your Karmic Matrix restored to a clean state, deleting these miscreations, permanently..

This can be achieved using the recalibration method of healing the hologram. The long term effects of negative experiences, will be erased from your energy bodies.. This will also impact positively upon ancestral issues, that have been carried down the karmic line. Passing from generation to generation, without being resolved… A new day is dawning for mankind, one of mastery, and greater light.. Why not erase the past now, using Matrix Recalibration?

More on the Recalibration Codes

Here is some more channelled information on the recalibration system…

“The numerical values are equivalent to DNA strings. Each code has a preset energetic, which activates the string matrix. Once activated, the light fractals come together to create the interface for change, thus returning each cell to its original matrix..

Each matrix comprises many strings of both activated, and non-activated DNA. Activation points occur along each strand. These points are linked with the numerical codes, which trigger the reactivation. Once this occurs, there are firings at the atomic and subatomic levels of being, and cellular change follows..

more codes

These are nuclear changes, since they begin within the nucleus of each cell. All change begins here, as the subatomic particles are altered fundamentally, drawing in energy from the ‘Core’, for their transformation. The nuclear fusion process starts here, and restructuring is an inevitability.. Non-activated DNA is rapidly fired into action, and alchemical change is achieved.

Your technology seeks to understand these processes from the level of the mind. You must go further than the mental planes, to see these actions and reactions taking place. The mind will only take you so far. To see the core elements, you must access the Spiritual Mind of Self. Then all becomes clear. This will unlock more of your potential, as Creator Beings of Light, to transform yourselves, and the world you live in.. Great changes are upon you Now!

Recalibrate Your DNA!

The original Angelic/Human Template, is one that contains a fully active 12 strand DNA Matrix… This matrix has been altered, when a frequency barrier was placed around the Earth, creating limitations for you all.  The frequency barrier is now being breached, to allow you to expand beyond your limited 3D senses, into a world of empowerment and wonder. Great things will become possible for you, achievements you could not have dreamt of previously!


Technology has arrived from future timelines, to assist you further through the breach. This technology will revolutionize your energy matrix, and is here to help you to return to your original blueprint template, the one which has been lovingly created for you, before your explorations into density. The original Creator Gods wish you to return to this matrix, in order to fulfil your destiny, as beings of Light. It is a mighty destiny, one which you will now begin to see glimpses of… The atomic and subatomic changes that will occur within you, will initiate a huge transformation, which will affect all levels of your being. This will provide the catalyst for cellular regeneration, and photonic mutation, which will be required during the process of change.

To further assist you in this process, we are giving you a new system, the ‘Matrix Recalibration’ system. This system will activate and restore, all of your original blueprint codes. Codes for your DNA, codes for the healthy functioning of your physical vehicle, and the codes within your core matrix… It can be used to repair, restore and renew anything, and will revolutionize your lives, taking you to the next step of your Evolution.

Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

Most of you are aware that your pineal gland is significant in your evolution from the Human Genome to the Galactic Genome. Many cycles have occurred upon the Earth, and many changes have been made manifest, during these cycles. Now you are entering a completely new cycle, one which will require a full and healthy functioning of your pineal gland, since this in reality, is the seat of the Soul, the Atla Major chakra. It is the entry point for higher dimensional frequencies, and the codes of light, which activate your dormant DNA, and the star codes that you inherently possess. A fully awakened soul has a clear pineal gland. Over time this gland has become calcified and relatively inactive in your lives. The changes that are occurring on the Earth, will require you to use your pineal gland, in order to stay in alignment with these energetic shifts. You cannot keep pace if it has atrophied.



Did you know that every part of your biology has its own energy matrix, which ultimately comprises the whole. What if there was a way to restore the matrix of the pineal gland? The good news is that this can be done, using a new healing system, the Recalibration System. Using this system, the faulty misaligned matrix code, can be easily identified. From this point it is matched against the original blueprint code of the pineal gland. Any missing or misaligned code is replaced and corrected instantly, restoring this gland back to full functioning. Here is the testimony of someone who has received this recalibration of her pineal gland …

The testimonial below, is from Brenda who was very inspired to ask for her pineal gland to be recalibrated to its original matrix!

“Thank you so much for the amazing session.
I could sure feel the waves of energy coming thru, my head felt like an open cup with blue light energy coming thru in waves.

I felt the whole time you were working on me.
The session was totally awesome and you are amazing!!

Very much appreciated!!”…. Brenda Jones

Recalibrate your body for Perfect Health

Your Energy Matrix is fundamentally flawed. Over time it has become corrupted by your experiences, and your corresponding responses to them. The energetic signatures of each organ, have altered, and are no longer vibrating in alignment with their originally intended ones. It is thus that your organs and body parts atrophy, as the matrix collapses and ceases to function as it was intended. Disease sets in, and chronic conditions develop, as the organs struggle to function correctly.. This leads to an eventual breakdown of the entire system, and ultimately death follows.

perfect health


The Matrix Restoration program, otherwise known as ‘Matrix Recalibration‘, is being given to you by your original creators. It is a gift that will assist you back to perfect health, as you were meant to experience it. Failing body parts can be returned to optimum condition, and your quality of life can be restored.. Longevity will be the inevitable result of this, and you will live many years free from pain and suffering. Your extended life span will add to your joy, and bring about many positive changes for you and your loved ones.. You are moving towards the ‘Heaven upon Earth’, that you have sought after for so long.. It has now arrived!