Release Your Light!


“The Telomere matrix is a matrix of photonic light, woven from the ethereal light of ‘Source’.. It engages with the components of the DNA, to create the wellbeing of your bodies.. However its matrix is compromised, by inbuilt programming, which was given to you long ago. This has created a default setting within the matrix, which limits your capabilities as a species. It is a barrier beyond which you cannot go, or transcend..

The solution to this limitation, comes by way of a recalibration to the existing matrix, one which will alter it substantially, by insertion of the original blueprint codes.. The blueprint is the original divinely intended version of your template, without corruption, in its perfect format..

Once the new code is established within you, magical things begin to happen. Subatomic particles begin to rearrange themselves in response to the new codes.. Great Light is released within the DNA, which has hitherto been held back.. This light contains the instructions for perfect divine harmony, and wellbeing.. The DNA responds in accordance with this light information, automatically restoring the original template, and its settings. Thus begins the healing and transformation within your cells..

All can achieve this level of health and harmony. It is not out of reach for anyone who wishes to experience a better quality of life, and increased longevity.. You must choose your own path, and not allow the dictates of other beings to determine this for you…”

Recalibrate your Telomere Matrix- Restore your youth

Your DNA is comprised of many parts. All are fundamentally important to your wellbeing.. Receptors exist which receive and decode the information given to them, for each living cell, which is an individual unit of consciousness, within the whole.. These receptors are dynamically charged, and energetically activated, responding to the DNA Matrix, and its inherent programming..

The cells divide over time, and their receptors or telomeres, tend to shorten in length. Ultimately cell damage occurs, as the chromosomes become compromised, through repeated division. Functioning is retarded, and chemical processing delayed..

The slower the energy, the longer reparation takes, and the battery that is the cell, holds onto toxins unnecessarily, unable to shift them from its matrix.. Thus it is that decay and detritus sets in, instigating the breakdown and death of the organism..

This does not have to occur when technological advances make it possible to heal and repair all parts of the DNA, including the telomeres, that help to keep you youthful and dynamic.. The telomeres have their own unique matrix, which can be corrected and restored back to its original blueprint encoding.. This will be extremely beneficial to you, and will assist humanity in living long, healthy lives once more.. This is your birthright, your legacy, as Divine Beings of Light.. It is time to eradicate the limitations, and step into the heavenly experience of life, as Creator Beings. Stepping into a new world of infinite possibility, and Light…

Cellular Transformation

The reasons for illness can be unclear. At the deepest cellular level, changes have occurred over time. The cellular membranes have altered, creating a new biosynthesis within the body. Its functions change, and the body struggles to achieve maximum health..

Though we cannot know the full cause of this, whether this be an energetic from an alternate timeline, something from the past, or a more recent development, the cause can now be eliminated entirely.. Illness and disease, do not have to be our legacy, they can be successfully removed from this timeline, thereby restoring us to optimum health..


This is achieved through the use of the latest light technology that has been given to us, ‘Matrix Recalibration Healing’.. The offending matrix or matrices, as there is often more than one matrix that is responsible for our issue, is either removed, or reset back to its original blueprint code, a factory reset, if you will.. Once this is completed, change begins, and Perfect Health becomes achievable again..

The cellular codes of this system, are drawing in more light, more life force from ‘Source’ level, renewing and regenerating the cells, back to optimum performance.. This technique can be applied to anything, to create the desired changes.. Here is a recent testimony from Aase, who has been battling with type two diabetes:-

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kira.👍 The cravings and the eternal hunger is gone!! Yipppiii. (…like a child) I feel so relieved, and I also feel normal in the food path for the first time in my life. To me this is a miracle! You have to be magical!! Even the blood sugar was much  lower.. This has to be the greatest news for the world….recalibration. Wow!”😀


How to Resolve Illness from The Past

Your vehicles of expression, have been exposed to many realities, often those of an unsavoury kind.. These experiences have created a hiatus within you, that has resulted in the restriction of your life force, your body’s vital force for wellbeing.. Illness and disease have been the result of this restriction.. The infliction of these sufferings, have, over time, created a distortion in your energy field, one that has paved the way for the breakdown and demise of your bodies, which through malfunctioning, can no longer hold themselves upon the Earth Plane. Death is the inevitable consequence..

The alterations and distortions within the energy template, are carried in the DNA. Genetic mutations occur, which are often carried down through the ancestral line, to inflict future generations, with a sudden mysterious illness, that appears to have no apparent cause. Its untraceable origin, can make it difficult to treat.. Your society is used to treating the symptoms of an illness, and not the root cause, especially where the cause is unidentifiable…


This will not create a happy or permanent solution to the issue, and may only mask its workings within you.. Since many such issues originate from previous timelines, it is necessary to use an energy tool that is equipped to clear them. One that can penetrate to the heart of the matter, deleting or restructuring the original matrix, as is necessary. The energy blueprint will then be corrected, and the condition will dissolve.. The tool for this work, is to be found in the Matrix Recalibration Timeline Healing System, which provides you with unlimited potential for resolving illness, that has originated elsewhere… Book your Recalibration HERE..

Open your 3rd Eye, Now!

The condition of our pineal gland (3rd eye), affects our spiritual growth, and ability to integrate higher light codes, within our matrix…

On our journey to the light, it is important to be true to ourselves. In this way, no falsehood can be reflected within our energy fields. Integrity and Awareness are significant, they form part of our essential I AM, ( Integrity Awareness Module). This reflects back to others, and acts as a reminder of their own true inner I AM SELF…

Along the way, it is possible to lose sight of this inner self, when we are caught up in the miasmas of life, the temporary misaligned states of consciousness ( our true consciousness, not being able to express itself through our 3rd eye ), which plunge us further into density, and away from our ‘Source’. The emotional states of density, shift us out of resonance with our Higher Self, and our connection is severely compromised. This will continue until we are able to release these denser emotions, and set ourselves free from their workings within us…

3rd eye

The light of Source is demonstrated, by a fully functional pineal gland, or 3rd eye. One that has not been calcified over time, and through the experiences of density. Such a gland does not exist, whilst in density. However a solution has arrived. The means to recalibrate this gland, is now with us.. The Matrix Recalibration System, when applied to the pineal gland, will reset it back to its original blueprint code, as intended by Creator. This will bring about significant changes within us, one of which is the releasing of dross, as the calcification is removed. The 3rd eye, pineal gland, is then re-regulated in alignment with its original purpose, and functioning at its optimum level once more. A detachment from the lower states will occur, resulting in a level of freedom, that has been previously unknown… Here is a lovely testimony from Joyce who has just received this recalibration..

“More experiences today Ki-Ra which are not typical for me.  Feeling like something in my third eye and crown are recalibrating and opening… I did something today I have never done before.  I posted my experience of anchoring incoming energies and releasing yesterday on my FB page.  The experience itself was out of the ordinary for me.  But actually posting about it publically is something I would never have done before for fear of backlash or judgement from those not ready to receive the information.  I did it without fear of what others will think about me… I feel a sense of calm, peace and excitement for what is to come.  Prior to the recalibration I had high anxiety and constant fear of what the future holds.  It is as though fear and anxiety have no place in my existence any longer.  Any thoughts that come up and typically provoke a fear response, I can immediately release them now without them escalating I to a perpetual cycle…

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this gift.  I am beyond grateful…Joyce (J.Mathers).
Please note that a free pineal gland recalibration is offered to all new video subscribers (see sidebar).  

Viruses and Recalibration technology

matrix recalibration

Here is the latest update on our Future Technology!

“You have been informed by various spiritual sources, that there is a flu epidemic spreading across your planet. This is said to be a major cleansing agent for the Earth, and all who live upon her.. Whilst this is true to some degree, your Soul does not need to participate in this cleansing. It is not mandatory, to be involved in this, unless you choose to be…

There are other options that will limit or even erase the virus completely from your biology. One such option, is the Recalibration System. This system will not only recalibrate your physical vehicles, in order to return them to perfect health, but will also delete the matrix of all viruses, if directed to do so, rendering them inactive within you…


The normal course of action when faced with these plagues, would be to boost the immune system, to assist your antibodies in coping with the invaders that are spreading throughout your system. However there are new strains of virus currently upon your world. They have evolved to be resistant to the antibiotics and drugs that have been developed by your medical profession, to combat them. The scientific and technology community, cannot cope with the onslaught of these viruses…

You do not have to succumb to the ravages of these epidemics, when there are alternatives at hand, to assist you in returning to a state of health and well being.. This Future Technology is here NOW, and is here for your benefit, in an ever changing landscape which is fraught with challenges, as you endeavour to step into your power….”

Eradicate Sleep Deprivation

“The Pineal Gland is your Higher Self programming unit. It contains programs that run automatically. One such program is the sleep cycle. The Pineal Gland is sensitive to light and dark, and obeys the rhythms of Nature or circadian rhythms. It tells your body when it’s time to sleep, so that the organism can rest, renew and recharge..

Higher Light Photons, interrupt this cycle, keeping you awake, when you wish to sleep. The interference of these light codes, is a normal part of your evolutionary path. The codes are essential for growth and expansion..


During periods of huge shifts in consciousness states, sleep disruption will be prevalent, whilst the gland is attempting to integrate and process the codes. Integration is essential for your expansion, however over time the pineal gland has become calcified. This calcification interferes with the absorption of photonic light and its codes, and the glands natural functioning, thus anomalies occur.

The processing of light is an intricate affair, that requires many electrical changes. Electron encoding is of paramount importance. When the pineal gland functions normally, it processes light at optimum speed, therefore making the adjustments to change, quickly, without disruption to the normal patterns and cycles of your biology…..

It is recommended that you use the recalibration method to assist and normalise the functioning of this important gland. The effect of doing this, will be to speed up your evolution, not to mention the restoration of normal sleep patterns and habits….”

Holographic Recalibration

“Recalibrating your matrix is an essential part of the process of change for you all. Alignment issues will occur from time to time, as you identify with different aspects of yourself throughout this process of change, taking your experience of Self to new levels.

The journey is a spiral one comprising of many parts, driven by the engine of change. The Cosmic Lattice is renewed continually through the spectrum of light, integrating new elements within itself. Spectral changes increase the diversity of manifested expression for the Whole, elevating it to new frequencies. The Vehicle of Light is one such manifestation, whose expression changes within the fields of light, moving through different layers of density as it journeys Home.

holographic recalibration

The principal awakening call is felt within the Heart of Life, and responded to by All. Excitement is felt at the sound of the call, stirring you into life, and out of the cocoon of dormancy that you have been held within. New possibilities are stirring within your heart, and new horizons beckon with added promise. As the veils are released, you will be able to see more of your multidimensional selves in the process, with their resplendent energies. Diversity of form is a conglomerate experience of the Whole, with new possibilities emerging constantly. Those that are engineered from within the Divine Matrix, take on a new reality and dimensional light which far exceeds the previous ones in existence…. Your light is bright dear ones, you have acceded to new levels of the Cosmic Stairway, taking your brothers and sisters and the whole of the Cosmic Family with you”.

The above is information from MAX, the thirteenth Ancient Crystal Skull. He is a living library of consciousness, with a vast wealth of knowledge and wisdom. If you would like to read his wisdom on the importance of recalibrating your hologram, please go here.