Everything is written in code first. Our DNA is encoded, as is our Hologram and holographic field. Each part of our bodies has its own individual matrix or grid system, which includes these codes, as per our original design.

Every matrix contains a numeical code system. These are the building blocks of form and matter. All structures in the Universe are built upon these dynamics. The laws of the Universe themselves, respond to these. They are our signature codes for expression. Each part of our body, has its own particular matrix, which is a grid formation that contains numerical codes. If any of the codes are missing, or misaligned, this creates disharmony and illness. Conversely, when we have succumbed to illness, the matrix of our body parts will change, to a different energy signature, to reflect this illness.

The transference of these codes into your energy matrix, will restart your biological interface, which will have the effect of restoring it to its original template design, erasing all subsequent signatures, that have been developed over time.

Any of the accumulated dross within your fields, will dissolve, as it is out of alignment with the basic signature codes.  Also generally when a part of our body is recalibrated back to its blueprint settings, there will undoubtedly be a release of any associated emotions that have been locked into the cellular structure of the part. For example, you may experience anger coming to the surface, after recalibrating the Liver .. This is a good way of erasing your templates, and beginning anew. This is New Earth medicine, the treatment of the Future. There are no physicians in the future. YOU are your own physician. The power is yours to heal and restore yourselves! Recalibrate any part of your physiology, including glands such as pineal, pituitary, and occipital lobe… Book your healing NOW! Special offer price, £50.  

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