Hi, my name is Kir-aha. I am a Stargate Keeper, Elohim, Guardian, and channel of the Ultimate Light… Since the beginning of 2010, I have been channelling advanced light technology from the future, to assist us all at this time of transition. I am the founder of healing and upgrading systems from these future timelines… Systems which heal, activate and add new DNA to our energy matrix. Systems which draw ‘Source’ energy from the ‘Core’, in order to reset us, back to our whiteprint/blueprint, as the original benevolent Creators intended. If you would like to contact me about this work, please click on the mail icon at the bottom of the page, or just go to ‘kira@matrixrecalibration.com’.


Due to the increase in viral infections upon our planet, I’ve been guided to give ‘Immunity Recalibrations’.. This recalibration will restore the ‘T’ cells in your blood, which are reponsible for destroying harmful bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, to their original blueprint code, thus boosting them to optimum efficiency. It is extremely important for all of us to boost our immunity now, not just the elderly or infirmed.. There are many things on the planet today, which have the potential to compromise our immune system, including EMF’s, and Wi-Fi networks.. Please book Here..  


The first advanced system to come through in 2014, was the ‘Gateway Systems’, followed by the ‘Ketheric System in 2016.

‘Matrix Recalibration’, has recently arrived, (end of 2017). Even though this system of healing is still in its infancy, the word ‘Miracle’ is already being used to  describe it!  At the beginning, it’s effectiveness was demonstrated to me in quite a spectacular way… One day I developed a severe tooth ache, which began to get progressively worse. I normally deal with issues from an energetic level first, rather than trying to treat the physical manifestation. After trying a number of things which temporarily eased the pain, only to have it return even worse, my human head said “go to the dentist”. I tried to get an appointment with my last dentist, to no avail. The pain was now beyond belief, and I have a large threshold for physical pain! I even tried to get the telephone number of a large local practice, but couldn’t find them in the phone directory. Clearly the Universe had other plans. So I sat and quietened myself, then I heard “We are going to show you something amazing”. I then saw a numerical grid of my tooth, and was guided to write this down. Next, I was shown what the grid code should look like, in its original blueprint form. I noticed that one line of code was missing altogether, and other codes were misaligned. So I corrected this by intention and visualization… Instantly the pain dissolved. Within a few hours I was biting down on the tooth as if nothing had ever happened. It truly was astonishing! Ironically, I have just discovered a video that I made a year ago, which is clearly a prelude to this holographic work. Check this out below… Also if you would like to experience a free pineal gland recalibration, please click on the Video Subscription button in the blog sidebar, and subscribe…

Due to unprecedented times, I am offering free Corona Virus recalibrations, see above video. This will remove the matrix code of the virus, rendering it inactive within your cellular matrix.. You can book this at any ‘Book Now’ button, (blog page ). Just type in the code CORONARECAL and apply.. Please be aware this is not a preventative measure, and only book if you or someone you know has symptoms, or pneumonic like symptoms.. Thank you for your consideration …


Since this time, I  have been offering light recalibrations to others, with some quite remarkable effects.. I have recently changed the way I work, to ensure a fuller healing takes place. I have found that over our lifetimes, we can become distorted in more than one matrix, which will result in an illness manifesting. In order for a complete healing to take place, every matrix relating to the issue must be recalibrated, or deleted, ( see timeline healing ).. You can however still recalibrate an individual organ/body part through a standard recalibration. This will cover injuries, organic issues, such as deformities, birth defects, decay of the body i.e teeth, issues caused by poor dietary habits (not compulsive eating, as this has an emotional, generally karmic element to it)..

Criteria for booking a ‘Matrix Recalibration’:

  • If you want to restore a body part, including the pineal gland, to its original blueprint code, for health and wellbeing.
  • If you want to remove a virus, growth (benign or malignant), i.e a tumour. 

Criteria for booking a ‘Timeline Healing’:

  • If you have a chronic health condition, (not cancer-see matrix recalibration).
  • If you have self-sabotaging programs that need to be removed.

Book your recalibration here. To book a recalibration for an illness, please click here. This is a real gift, and a tool whose value to us all, cannot be underestimated! It can be used on any part of the body, even on our pineal gland or occipital lobe, for the purpose of spiritual growth. The Future is here, Now! 


Everything is written in code first. Our DNA is encoded, as is our Hologram and holographic field. Each part of our bodies has its own individual matrix or grid system, which includes these codes, as per our original design.

Every matrix contains a numeical code system. These are the building blocks of form and matter. All structures in the Universe are built upon these dynamics. The laws of the Universe themselves, respond to these. They are our signature codes for expression. Each part of our body, has its own particular matrix, which is a grid formation that contains numerical codes. If any of the codes are missing, or misaligned, this creates disharmony and illness. Conversely, when we have succumbed to illness, the matrix of our body parts will change, to a different energy signature, to reflect this illness.

The transference of these codes into your energy matrix, will restart your biological interface, which will have the effect of restoring it to its original template design, erasing all subsequent signatures, that have been developed over time.

Any of the accumulated dross within your fields, will dissolve, as it is out of alignment with the basic signature codes.  Also generally when a part of our body is recalibrated back to its blueprint settings, there will undoubtedly be a release of any associated emotions that have been locked into the cellular structure of the part. For example, you may experience anger coming to the surface, after recalibrating the Liver .. This is a good way of erasing your templates, and beginning anew. This is New Earth medicine, the treatment of the Future. There are no physicians in the future. YOU are your own physician. The power is yours to heal and restore yourselves! Recalibrate any part of your physiology, including glands such as pineal, pituitary, and occipital lobe… Book your healing NOW! Special offer price, £50.  

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Our Services from the Future

This website is dedicated to providing the highest light technology, from our Future Selves, in Future Timelines..

As a race, we are moving into an expanded field of light and consciousness, which will better serve our needs as we evolve.. Health and Wellbeing are generally a consequence of an expanded Light Matrix. Since our bodies are less dense, and the Ki flows more easily through them..

The old carbon matrix is now defunct, and the crystalline one is coming back online. The Crystalline Matrix provides the blueprint codes for harmony and wellbeing.. These are the codes from our original benevolent Creators, who created a matrix of Great Light, for us to enjoy and embody..

This recalibration system is designed to restore that matrix, using the Infinite and Universal building blocks of form… Please note, if you require recalibrations to resolve a specific health condition, visit here. No preparation is required, just relax to receive the energy, which will be sent to you remotely at your pre-booked time.